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Q:  What is Showroom New  Dye?

A:  All Showroom New  products are 100% silicone free!  Our dye is a permanent solution that comes in black    and gray.  It is designed to restore exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces back to their original color and lustre.

Q:  What kinds of exterior parts do you mean?

A: Bumpers, mirrors, fender flares, bed liners, mud flaps, door handles, cowl vents, soft tops and even tires!

Q:  How long does it last?

A: Showroom New  is a permanent dye that will bring your exterior trim back to their like-new appearance.  Typically, one coat of Showroom New  will leave your plastics, vinyl and rubber looking beautiful for years!
Q:  Do I need any special equipment to apply it?

A:  There are several ways to apply Showroom New,but the simpliest is to use gloves and a rag or roll-on sponge applicator.  Make sure to wear clothes that can be stained.

Q: Can I dye over any color of rubber, vinyl or plastic?

A:  It is not a good idea to try and change the color of your existing trim.  If your trim is gray you should use the gray dye and black dye for black trim.  Do not try to dye over brown, blue or green. The results might not be consistent as porous areas tend to be different in how they accept the dye, leaving your trim with an uneven appearance.

Q:  Will Showroom New  stain the paint or glass?

A: No, Showroom New  only adheres to the porous materials so it can be easily wiped off painted surfaces or glass. Simply use a dry rag to rub off.  Showroom New is not water-based so do not try to remove using water.  For difficult areas use mineral spirits.

Q:  How long does it take to dry?

A: In warm weather 5 to 10 minutes should be sufficient.  Cooler temperatures will take up to 20 minutes.  It is not advisable to use Showroom New  in hot weather is it will dry too fast and not give you the time to apply an even coat at your leisure. In hot weather we suggest you move your vehicle into the shade or a garage.  Also, do not apply dye while car is wet as it will not adhere when water is present.  Make sure you car is completely dry.

Q:  Does it leave a shine when its dry?

A: Since Showroom New has no silicone it will dry with a muted lustre similar to when you first purchased your vehicle.  If you would like a shiny appearance, once dry, you can apply Showroom New 3 in 1 Dressingon top of the dye to get the gloss you're looking for.  It will not affect the black or gray color you have just applied.

Q:  Can I use Showroom New 3 in 1 Dressing on my seats?

A: Yes!  Showroom New 3 in 1 Dressing  is NON silicone based so you don't have to worry about staining your clothes!

Q:  Is it good for anything else besides interior dashboards and vinyl or leather seats?

A: It's great for applying over exterior trim after you have used our dyes.  You can also use it on tires and they will shine 4 times longer than the tire trims on the market today.  Because it is NON- silicone based it will stay on thru wash after wash!!  Plus, it wont leave residue, that attracts dirt, on your car.

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