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Dye Application

Dye-ApplicationThere are several different ways to apply the dye. First, make sure to shake bottle well before each application. You can tape off if you wish, but as you become proficient, you will find that the majority of the time it really isn't necessary. In the summer take great care to do your work out of the sun, as it may dry to quickly to allow for an even application. Winter application, if it is moist out, can take up to 20 minutes and should not be attempted if there is any moisture on the vehicle. The dye is not water-based and will not leave a good result if it mixes with water.

Wearing gloves is a must and keep in mind that most of your application material needs to be fairly disposable, as this is a permanent dye. You will also want to keep the cap on when not in use, and cover all application tools in an airtight container till you are finished with your restoration. As you become more comfortable with what plastics require, you will be able to decide what application works best for each scenario. Allow first coat to dry completely before making your touch-ups. Drying time varies by temperature and humidity. Using a second rag to wipe off excess dye will give you a more even finish.


Rag Technique

For Small areas such as door handles, mirrors and side panel trim, applying with just a rag is best. Shake bottle well and wear gloves. Simply use a small rag that is no bigger than your hand, as this will save product. Put a small amount of dye on rag, and use a circular motion to apply. Don’t over-saturate the area. It is best to apply a single coat and then if more is needed apply after it dries. You can use a secondary rag to wipe off excess to avoid streaking. For easier clean up, wipe dye from painted areas of vehicle before it dries. If you find the area has dried, use mineral spirits to remove.


Rag/Roller Technique

RagRoller-TechniqueThe rag/roller technique, for medium sized areas, works well on areas such as bed liner caps, bumpers, and large areas of cladding such as side panels, and tanaeu tops. Apply medium/large areas out of the sun as it will dry quickly, and you risk uneven texture when this happens. Shake bottle well and wear gloves. Roller should be of a sponge material so that it does not leave residue. When using the rag /roller technique, use the rag/or sponge brush to apply dye to the perimeters that a sponge cannot reach, and then use a sponge roller to apply dye to the rest of the area. Do not over-saturate the area. Thin coats will work much better. Use your rag to remove any streaking. Remove any overages from the paint immediately. For areas that have dried on the paint, use mineral spirits to remove.


Spray Technique

Spray-TechniqueFor large areas you can apply by using a sprayer. We suggest the Preval disposable sprayers, but you may also use any sprayer you may already have. When using the sprayer you will need to use a thinning agent. For the Black dye a 3 dye to 1 mineral spirits ratio is about right but check your manual for its own ratio needs. The Gray dye is thicker and is approximately a 2:1 ratio. Watch the sprayer for spitting. If this occurs you will want to dilute further. Be careful to not over dilute. Use rag/ or sponge brush to dye the perimeters. Wear a mask to protect yourself from fumes. Have a protection sheet ready to cover the frame of the vehicle so that you do not suffer overspray as the wind will cause the dye travel to areas other than desired. Larger areas are best done in the shade. Allow to dry completely before applying a second coat. It is recommended to do at least two coats when you have thinned the dye. Use a rag to wipe down excess on trim to avoid streaking. Remove overspray from the painted areas of the vehicle immediately. If dye dries on paint, remove with mineral spirits.


3 in 1 Conditioner Application

Shake well before using. Does not require gloves for application. Can be used full strength or diluted 2 conditioner to 1 water, and used in a spray bottle. If applying full strength, use a towel or sponge to apply. 

Best known for tire application! Use full strength for best result. Apply with towel, and allow to dry completely before driving. Lustre will last several weeks to months before needing to be reapplied. Will not splash onto vehicle, or come off on clothes.

tire-dressing-seattle-wa   tire-dressing-tacoma

                    Time of Application                                   2 Weeks Later


Slickstixx Kits: Directions for Application

Slickstixx-kitSelect the component head appropriate for dying the desired area and attach it to the handle of your choice. Use the included ferrule connectors if you wish to extend and customize the handle length or angle. You can also use the 45-degree and 90-degree component handles as butt-end handle grips for additional leverage or comfort. Always attach a butt-end cap to the non-working side of the handle. This will keep the end of the handle from accidentally scratching any surfaces. Wrap the dye cloth around the selected cleaning head and handle combination, and then give the tool a twist to lock the rag on to the cleaning head. Next, apply dye to the cloth. Use one hand to hold the tool and the other hand to hold the cloth, helping to articulate the tool in and around the desired area.