By P Web Design Company


Showroom New Products Trio Pack
$32.95 (4 oz.)

Restore Exterior Auto Trim


By P Web Design Company

Instantly and Permanently

Buy right now!!! Great Deal!  Looks great!
Not just a sticky silicone cover-up,
our products are Permanent Dyes!
Showroom New will restore the original lustre
to your exterior plastics, vinyl and rubber on your automobile.
Comes in BLACK or GRAY!

Restore Faded Bumpers
Door Handles, Bed Liners, Fender
Flares and so much More!



Showroom New Dyes

Dye-ApplicationNot a paint or dressing but a Permanent Dye! 

Very easy to apply, just use a shop towel. Great opportunity for used car dealerships or detailers. Try it on golf carts, ATV's, even cars with faded convertible tops can be restored.

Unlike those thinner water-based products that are applied like shoe polish, Showroom New Products are thicker, don't require multiple applications and wont leave you with an applicator thats all dried out.

Restore your exterior car trim and have a car that looks SHOWROOM NEW!


Showroom New 3 in 1

3-in-1-Dressing-ApplicationEven your TIRES will look fantastic, 4 times longer than the silicone applications currently on the market.

  • No residue to come off on your clothes!
  •  Will not attract road dust or dirt. Dries quickly leaving you with a long lasting luster. 
  •  Interiors will have a clean luster without being sticky or greasy.
  •  Can be used full strength or diluted into a 16 oz. spray bottle for easy tire applications.


Slickstixx Kits

Slickstixx-kitGive up using those q-tips and pipecleaners and get a set of Slick Stixx! These straight and angled component handles and 7 component cleaning heads to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot easily be reached by using conventional tools or by hand. Slick Stixx are safe to use on plastic, rubber, chrome, billet aluminum, power coating, and painted surfaces.